Jerry Law always seemed to be there when it was going off. It was long before the time of video. You had to take your time, pick the right wave, and get it right.
See Claudie and Munson in their prime. Loehr taking surfing from the cruise mode and blowing up some lips. Who says you can't rip on a single fin. Who is to say Pat Mulhern and Crawford weren't ripping the inlet on their twin fins. See Kieth Gardner and later Freddy Grosskreutz riding fish just a short while after Mike Tabeling introduced them to the East Coast .
Pete Dooley dogged the humble Jerry Law for years to let him digitize these prize reels onto DV. Ask yourself the eternal surfers question. Didn't it used to be better? Check out these waves from the seventies. 1977 went off for months straight. See for yourself.


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