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The Identity

Colors, vision, your logo is a description of who you are. The first thing someone sees? Most times your logo. Take that split second visual and make it reflect your company or projects identitiy? We can help, show strength, show your vision. Create and identity. Its your logo


With the advent of the web and its source for information Digital Graphics Inform became a source for companies to get a grasp on modern digital cross platform identity marketing. Sometimes it is just the colors often times it is the eye catching simple graphics but logos should be alive in print on the web and on product. Tell a story in one look.



Atlantic Surfboards
Tom Sitton And his exclusive board designs needed a logo that represented his style. Inverted the "A" in Atlantic for the surfboard fin..

George Panton, always the innovator came up with an advanced rescue carry board for emergencies. Wanted to show strength. Anything with an "X" in it is cool..

Driftwood Man
We have done extensive work with Rob. He is always looking to implement the latest technology in his product marketing. This logo was pulled from an old photo with the Driftwood man himself standing on the beach

This manufacturer needed a youth oriented (why not a violent concept) to push his ultra light specialty surfboard. We came up with the Surf to Air concept and the "edgy" Stab Logo.



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