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It is great to have basic print catalogues but people today are prepped and ready with laptops DVD players and even video game consoles. Take advantage of sound and motion to give the viewer an in depth viewing experience of your vision.


With the advent of the web and its source for information Popitin became a source for companies to get a grasp on modern digital marketing. It wasn't long before we began seeing the potential for video and graphics to grip the themes our clients needed, and make them gripping. Have your DVD loop on a kiosk in a retail store or trade show. Have your DVD be gigabytes of company information ready to be drilled down with multi level menus and content. For us the DVD is the source. From concept to graphics to editing and packaging we can do the project.

The Indo board Curriculum Leighton Nakamoto in Maui Hawaii began bringing an Indo Board to his P.E. class at Kalama Intermediate school. Indo Board's Hunter Joslin videoed the classes, jumped in and we (14hr days) created a 44 page curriculum and accompanying DVD. Wow, fun in school P.E!

The Walkabout Furthering his vision of the Medium Hunter Joslin saw a void in the world of Longboarding. Many surfers who loved the ride had a tendency to shuffle across the the board on the way to the nose. Hunter gathered many of the foremost stylists of the longboard realm and picked their brains. The visuals of Noosa Head Australia

It Was... better back then Imagine someone showing up on your doorstep with ten reels of historic footage from one of the most exiting times in surfing. Digital Graphics Inform transferred the film do digital, created a story line scored the soundtrack laid out the DVD package and the concept. It

The Indo Trainers Hunter Joslin at it again the third in his series of functional informative fun videos. Trainers began contacting him about how functional his balance board was for advanced training. Hunter gathered video and Digital Graphics Inform created the entire package.



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